LTP1245 Series


■  High resolution printing (8 dots/mm)

■  High speed, low voltage printing (37.5mm @ 5V, 62.5mm @ 8.0V)

■  Low 4.2V to 8.5V power supply operation

■  Extended temperature range of -30° to +70°C

■  Compact and lightweight

■  Prints on label stock

■  Two possible paper paths, straight and curved; thick paper printing is
    possible on straight path

■  Automatic paper loading (available with IF1001-01B interface board)

■  Wide opening head for easy access

■  Available with or without paper feed knob

■  Available for standard or wide temperature range

Datasheet (PDF)​​​​​​​


The LTP1245, a well-engineered product, is highly recommended for portable applications. Its main advantage is the extended operating temperature range of minus 30°C to plus 70°C, which meets today’s requirements for battery driven applications, which are used outside as well.

The LTP1245 is compact and lightweight with low-power consumption to support battery-powered devices. It is a maintenance-free mechanism with automatic paper loading (supported by optional interface board). Ideal applications are measuring instruments, analyzers, POS, portable communications devices.