LTPA245 Series


■  High resolution printing (8 dots/mm)

■  High speed, low voltage printing (54.3mm/s @ 5V, 77mm/s @ 7.2V,
    90 mm/s @ 8.5V)

■  Compact and lightweight (41g): Lever on top, motor underneath

■  Battery operation of 4 to 6 cells Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries or 2 cells of
    lithium-ion batteries for hand-held applications

■  Low 4.5V to 8.5V power supply operation

■  Improved operability of paper installation and head cleaning by release
    lever operation

■  Low noise thermal line dot printing

■  Design to fit easily into the outer case (reduced number of outer case
​​​​​​​    parts)

Datasheet (PDF)​​​​​​​


LTPA245 is a thermal line dot printer which has been developed by Seiko Instruments especially to match the specific requirements of ECR and EFT-POS applications. As it can alternatively be driven by battery, it perfectly suits the needs of a large variety of handheld terminals, too.

Distinguished in terms of compact and lightweight design - such as the installment of the release lever on top and the motor underneath the frame - and a printing speed of max. 90mm/sec @ 8.5V, LTPA245 is a valuable addition to the portfolio of "Easy-Paper-Operation" - mechanisms. Finally, only one connector is needed to drive both motor and head of the printer and thus incorporates cost-saving and advantageous design-in aspects.