■  2- and 3-inch models available

■  Compact size (max. height of 30mm)

■  High speed printing up to 200 mm/s

■  Horizontal and vertical version available

■  Easy paper operation paper insertion

■  Latch function to secure unchanging pressure between thermal head
    and platen

■  Version with built-in auto cutter available (CAPD Series)

Datasheet (PDF)​​​​​​​


These 24 Volt printer mechanisms are our response to the challenges applications might point during design phases. These mechanisms are very small, fast, robust and reliable. Furthermore we did not forget the orientation to cost targets.

LTPD247/347 are specified for a maximum speed of 200 mm/s. These printers can manage 100 km abrasion resistance and 100 million activation pulse resistance minimum. Considering design flexibility, each model is available as horizontal and vertical type. Paper rolls can be replaced by easy paper operation or automatic paper loading.

In order to round up this product, we offer an auto cutter (please see CAPD247/347), serial and USB interface cards, a CPU and Windows drivers.