LTPV345 / LTPV445

LTPV345 / LTPV445 Series


■  Straight paper path: label printing possible up to paper thickness of

■  Position of paper end sensor optional: frame or platen

■  Improved operability of paper installation and head cleaning by release
    lever operation

■  High resolution printing (8 dots/mm)

■  High speed, low voltage printing (45mm/s @ 5V, 85mm/s @ 7.2V)

■  Battery operation of 4 to 6 cells Ni-MH / Ni-Cd batteries or 2 cells of
    lithium-ion batteries for hand-held applications

■  Low 4.2V to 8.5V power supply operation

■  Design to fit easily into the outer case
​​​​​​​    (reduced number of outer case parts)

Datasheet (PDF)​​​​​​​


LTPV345 and LTPV445 of Seiko Instruments are 3" and 4" thermal line dot printer mechanisms which belong to the "Easy-Paper-Operation" product-line. They are suitable for label printing despite of the curved paper path, which is a very special feature in the field of thermal printing technology. Paper up to a thickness of 125µm can be printed. There is also an option of mounting the paper end sensor either on the frame or the platen differing from specific requirements. Finally, both versions can be battery driven. Thus, LTPV series printers are perfectly applicable for measuring instruments and analyzers, POS-EFT and ECR as well as for a variety of hand-held applications.